Alpha – FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

I changed my setup since I signed up. Should I update my profile?

Please make sure you do! You can easily add and/or remove devices from your profile by visiting our Account Management Page. While you are at it, you will want to check that your email address is correct as well!

How do I know I have been selected for the test?

Starting November 14, check your mailbox for a message from with instructions. If you are unsure if the email you received is legit (or if you deleted it), you can always check your account management page. For selected players, the Alpha Access tab will show a new section with all the instructions and information required to join.

I signed up for the test months ago. When will I be selected?

We plan to invite players gradually – not everyone will receive an invite simultaneously. Also, (and as much as we would like) we have limited server capacity and won’t be able to let everybody in. Whether you are selected or not, make sure to head to Discord to check how things are going and share your impressions with the rest of our amazing community.

What are the criteria for being selected?

We will use the information at our disposal to create a pool of testers as diverse as possible:

mixing a wide range of machines and graphic cards.

inviting groups with a Friends token – but also individuals without it.

matching different geographical origins.

In a nutshell, while there’s no guaranteed way to be selected into the Alpha, only players with a Pax Dei account with a completed profile will stand a chance!

Am I more likely to be selected if I have a powerful machine?

You don’t! We will include a wide range of machines and graphic cards to help us validate our minimum & required specs. This means that even if you do not have the latest graphic card, you can be selected, but also that the best gear does not guarantee your selection.

Note that we want to ensure you have the best possible experience during the Pax Dei Alpha test. While our game can run on smaller configurations, we strongly recommend the following specifications for correct performance:

OS: Windows 10 and DirectX 12

RAM: 16GB system memory

GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070 or Radeon RX 5500 XT

Storage: 70GB of available space on an SSD

Find all the information above and more in the #alpha-game-info channel of our Pax Dei Discord server.



Alpha is Upon You!


Greetings Paxians!

Back in March, when we laid out our vision for Pax Dei, a living and breathing Social Sandbox MMO, we made a call for volunteers to participate in our testing program. We’ve been humbled by the response. We want to thank all of you who have wishlisted Pax Dei on Steam, signed up on, and joined our Discord community. Thank you for supporting our project, and thank you for your patience so far!

While we’ve already conducted multiple rounds of (confidential) playtests with small groups of players, we have now reached the stage where we need to scale things up and check that the foundations are sound. The time has come… for our first Alpha test! 


The first large-scale Alpha test for Pax Dei will start on November 14, 2023, at 10:00 am UTC (11:00 CET; 2:00 am PST; 5:00 am EST) and close on November 27, 2023, at 10:00 pm UTC (23:00 CET; 2:00 pm PST; 5:00 pm EST).

Code-named “Home Valley”, it’s focusing on peaceful gameplay

For a chance to participate, sign up on by November 12 and fill out your profile. Make sure you and your friends use the same “Friend’s Token” to join as a group.

Make sure to head to Discord to check how things are going once we’re live!

Alpha – Home Valley

With Pax Dei, we set out to create a world players can call their virtual home. And we mean it literally. The ability for each player to claim a plot in a shared world and make it their own is, we think, pretty unique in an MMO setting and very cool! We’ve been blown away by what some of our testers have been able to make of this feature already. We can’t wait to see that happens when we let enough players in so as to fill the map with such creations. 

For our first large-scale Alpha, code-named “Home Valley”, we’re therefore focusing on peaceful gameplay:

Explore a vast world. We’ve recently doubled the size of the world, now offering four Provinces covering nearly 300km² (116 mi²). There are over twenty valleys to choose the perfect spot to inhabit.

Find abundant resources. Gather or hunt a vast array of resources, set up multiple crafters, and unlock a ton of recipes for crafting gear, weapons, and potions to aid in your adventures.

Build your home. Dozens of building pieces are available for you to combine into the perfect home on your own plot.

Gather your friends. Group up as a Clan to share storages, crafters, or plots, making collaboration for larger projects much easier.

Get a first taste of adventure. Encounter numerous enemies and rare spawns in various camps, caves, and dungeons. Exercise caution! Some areas can be perilous, and death carries consequences.

Discover bugs of all shapes and forms. Yes, that’s why we’re calling it an Alpha.

Work in progress

While we’re confident there’s already plenty to enjoy in this first glimpse at Pax Dei, the game is by no means complete yet. We feel it important to give you a sense of the highest items on our “What’s next” list, namely:

Combat & RPG systems are still in the works and will be heavily overhauled before too long. You can check this recent article for more information about what’s coming.

PVP is currently disabled to prioritize testing other game features. It is definitely part of the game’s core concept and will return.

And much more! Believe us when we say we have ideas for systems and gameplay for years to come.

Your feedback will be key to helping us move forward on this journey, and we can’t be grateful enough for your active participation in the Alpha.

How to participate

The Pax Dei “Home Valley Alpha” will start on November 14, 2023, at 10:00 am UTC (11:00 am CET; 2:00 am PST; 5:00 am EST) and close on November 27, 2023, at 10:00 pm UTC (23:00 pm CET; 2:00 pm PST; 5:00 pm EST).

To get a chance to participate, make sure to:

Sign up for the Alpha on by November 12.

Fill out your profile on

Don’t forget to add a friend’s token to play with your mates! 

For more details, check our FAQ.

We plan to gradually invite a few thousand testers into the game, enough to fill one copy of the world as it stands today. From November 14, we will waive any confidentiality requirement, so whether you are selected or not, make sure to head to Discord to check how things are going and share your impressions.

MMOs don’t exist without their communities. We can’t wait to see the pristine world that our team is building come to life as we let players in. By participating in our Alpha, you’re actively helping in the making of Pax Dei. We couldn’t do it without you.

Gratias maximas et pax vobiscum. 
– The team at Mainframe.



A Glimpse of the Character Creation


Greetings Paxians!

As our dedicated dev team diligently works on refining (and debugging) the Alpha build (yes, it means that now, the answer to “Alpha when?” is “sooner than before too long”), we’re excited to offer you a sneak peek at the character creation process.

Keep in mind, that it is still in its Alpha stage, and numerous additional options and sliders will be gradually introduced.

Pax vobiscum.




A Samhain in Pax Dei


During the night of Samhain, may the Divine keep you safe

From demon and pooka and black-hearted stranger,

From harm of the water and hurt of the fire,

From thorns of the bramble, from all other danger,

From Will O‘ The Wisp haunting the mire,

From stumbles and tumbles and tricksters to vex you,

May the Divine’s mercy this night protect you.



Unveiling the Combat


Hello Paxians!

As many of you noticed, so far, we’ve (intentionally) steered clear of discussing the RPG systems and Combat mechanics in great detail. The primary reason is that our team was busy taking on other challenges: designing and scaling the world, laying the foundations of the economy with resources gathering and crafting, and finding our own unique way of offering housing in an MMO context… The foundational parts of the game.

The good news is that Combat and RPG systems have been getting a lot of attention over the last few months. While it will still take some time before all of this makes it into the game, we have now progressed enough to share a clear vision of where we’re headed. Even if, as they say, the Dark Lord is in the details, let’s talk about how Pax Dei will handle that bedrock of any MMORPG.

A classic MMO foundation

Let’s begin by summarizing some key aspects of the Pax Dei Combat system that should appear very familiar. Pax Dei will offer the “holy trinity” of tank, healer, and various forms of DPS. We also have a hate/aggro system for players to manage, Health Points that will trigger death if they run out (you want to avoid that); and Endurance for running, climbing, swimming, chopping, and… even attacking.

In short, Pax Dei will feature most of the usual MMO mechanics… except for a class system.

Craft your own role

Pax Dei is a sandbox because we believe in offering our players maximum freedom in all possible game aspects. It was, therefore, a very conscious decision to get rid of character classes. In Pax Dei, there is no class to pick. Instead, your character’s role derives from the gear you choose to wear at any given time. And with players crafting all items in the game, your individual character progression choices are also very much tied to the establishments and crafting facilities you’ve built with your clan and the overall game economy.

Advanced crafting options will allow you to enhance individual items with unique abilities, like spells, weapons techniques, buff and debuff, passive or active. These will offer various combinations to test and optimize based on taste, play style, and the challenges you aim to overcome.

For example, a tank build could involve combining a full plate armor, including the Thunderous Visage, able to trigger an enemy or increase its aggro, along with the Soothing Choker, a medallion that can cast a Lull spell – always useful to avoid aggroing a full room in one pull. You can also opt for more hybrid combos: the tank pictured above could swap their plate legs for leather pants with a Heal Spell and equip the Hypnotic Band, a ring with a Mesmerizing spell. Alternatively, a Healer would benefit from the Soothing Choker mentioned above to reduce their aggro when they’re on a healing spree. The choice is yours.


So, why not simply hang around with three full sets and be ready for any eventuality? Well… you can! That would involve making a certain number of trade-offs, though.

Firstly, advanced gear abilities will also come with skill prerequisites: anybody can use the Sacred Sword of Phaionios, but only a character with enough knowledge in Magic of Light can benefit from its bonus against demons. Alternatively, some spell effects included in an item may scale with the corresponding skill level of your character – making the Divine Heal spell imbued in your robes much more efficient as your Magic of Life skill progresses.

Again, without restriction linked to class, any character can theoretically learn every skill to the highest degree, but in practice, we fully expect some degree of specialization to happen. You’ll want to optimize for synergies between the gear you equip and the skills you develop.

Secondly, there’s the very practical limitation of the space available in your inventory. Of course, since items are not bound to characters, a well-coordinated group of players sharing a pool of common equipment will find ways of balancing efficiency and versatility. However, between armor, weapons, potions, reagents, and other items you’ll want to gather to build an optimized combo, being prepared for everything would imply leaving behind a lot of the precious loot you’ll find on your adventures… And you probably don’t want that!


Let’s talk about the juicy bit: loot. Again, you can expect classic foundations, with shared loot tables for similar mobs and rare items for formidable foes. Other factors, such as your skills, may also influence loot tables – but we won’t divulge further specifics, leaving some mysteries for you to uncover.

While it’s possible to loot magical items from enemies in the current state of the game (Friends and Family Alpha), this is not our long-term plan. Instead, one of the main rewards of PVE will consist of rare resources that are essential for crafting high-level items and cannot be gathered elsewhere in the game.

Acquiring the ultimate combat set you’re after will require the most precious materials. And those will only be found in the most dangerous places. Away from the Home Valleys, deep in the Wilderness, the greatest risks and rarest loot await in the dungeons.

Unlike most modern MMOs, our dungeons are fully open places where you should expect to encounter other parties. Another opportunity for social interaction: up to you to cooperate… or compete for rare mobs and their valuable (shared) loot.

…and risks

No encounter is complete without the risk of death and accompanying penalties. When your character meets their demise, all your equipment remains with your corpse. Without resurrection, you’ll need to retrieve your belongings. In PvP scenarios, death carries even more consequences, as enemies (or allies) could loot some of your gear.

While we’re not prepared to disclose the whole system, many items will also have durability. Generally, higher-quality items will possess more significant durability. However, you may come across recipes for powerful but fragile weapons you can choose to craft and wield, knowing they will eventually break. Stay tuned as we continue to refine and expand upon these systems in Pax Dei.

You Do Not Talk About Fight Club

This article is not about PVP. Still, it feels like we have to say a word about it. PVP in Pax Dei will always be based on consent. Home Valleys, in particular, will be sacrosanct: your home can never be damaged by other players, and you can always roam around your village and its surroundings without fear of being ambushed. (The only exception is we want to implement the possibility for duels, even in villages.)

Instead, we want to dedicate specific areas to PvP. We call them Contested Provinces. Contested Provinces will contain unique resources that cannot be harvested elsewhere (to be clear: “unique” doesn’t mean “best” – other areas of the game also feature unique resources). Anybody entering a Contested Province gets automatically flagged for PVP, a flag that can only be removed by leaving the area (it will be a bit more subtle and complex, but you have a rough idea).

We have plenty more ideas for the Contested Provinces (and for PvP in general), and we’ll definitely want to come back to the whole topic of PVP with more details.

We are confident that this initial set-up will already provide opportunities for a lot of fun encounters for the more aggressive members of our community while also allowing them to meaningfully contribute to the social fabric of the game.

Parting words

Our goal with Pax Dei is to give players complete freedom in the role they choose to play while making sure everybody can meaningfully contribute to the world. We hope this article gave you a sense of how we want to express these principles in the Combat and RPG systems.

While it will still take a bit of time before all of this makes it into the game – these systems are still mostly in prototype stages in the current build – now you know what’s brewing in our kitchen.

Pax Vobiscum.



“Alpha when?”, plus beeps and boops


Hello, dear Paxians,

It’s been a long time since our last post! So, before discussing what we did and what is coming soon, let’s start with the most pressing question: Alpha, when?

Alpha, when?

If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you are probably aware that we are planning a ‘large’ Alpha test before the end of the year (yes, this year).

By large, we mean inviting several thousand community members to play Pax Dei, and by Alpha, we mean exactly that! Bugs and fun, but also fun and bugs, and perhaps a bear on your doorstep! Don’t worry, we have a lot of working systems, and there will be plenty to do!
We’ll talk more about this before too long.


Something like: in a few weeks, which probably sounds like an eternity for you, but for us, it means tomorrow!

Tech FAQ and more

We just released a new FAQ in which we talk about things happening under the hood, the bips, and the boops behind an MMO. Don’t panic! You don’t have to be a backend engineer to read it. Hopefully, you’ll learn a few interesting facts in the process (like what a backend engineer does, for example).

The following content drop should happen sometime in October and will focus on the character creation and some cosmetic customizations! Stay tuned!

If you missed our last drops, you can find them on the website and our YouTube channel. The most noticeable pieces are the segment during the PC gaming show and the FAQ, video, and gallery about the world of Pax Dei!

What happened lately?

During the summer, our developers took the time to do some cleaning and refactoring. Based on our testers’ feedback (a Friends & Family test has been running since March), many systems have received some love. The building, crafting, and character creation have all been enhanced or overhauled, and the RPG systems (including combat and magic) have received reinforcements to clean their foundations and expand quickly.

Last but not least, the world of Pax Dei has grown from one to two provinces, and two more are in the works! These additions should bring the playable area to about 300km² (110mi²). With such a big world, we can start introducing an uneven distribution of resources, which will bring a lot of dynamics around trades and Clans’ interactions!

Lastly, if you want some pleasure for your eyes, jump on our official community Discord, where we shared many screenshots taken by our testers on the Friends & Family Alpha build.

Pax vobiscum.



Redeemers, Part 1


How it began, the First Redeemer

This current aeon, the most recent incarnation of the Garden of Earthly Delights, has stood for almost four millennia. The Garden of Paradise, where the first redeemer, Protennoia, entered this world and her offspring, who became the first people living, is where Axis Mundi now stands. The children of Paradise pleased the Lord and have forever been allowed to inhabit this jewel of Creation while multiplying and eventually peopling the Earth.

Protennoia was not only the mother and father of all who live today, but she was also the first redeemer of this aeon, washing away the sins of everyone who walked the earth. Redeemers have appeared on Earth eight times since Protennoia, and every time they have reaffirmed God’s rule over Earth´s children. Each of them has revealed a host of new knowledge as gifts from the Almighty, enabling man to express God’s wondrous creation in new and ever more glorious ways.

~ Excerpt from the Gyronomicon

Armozel’s Folly

Armozel was revealed as the fifth redeemer during the great incursion of the Dark Lord in the twelfth century after creation. The seventh son of a Gothian carpenter, he taught mankind to imbue earth’s metals with divine spirit, shaping them into tools, weapons, and armor. Armozel was the first redeemer born under the sun, rather than having descended from heaven.

Four decades after Phaionios’ ascension, Armozel was growing restless. His craft and skill had given him everything he could wish for, so the Deceiver laid out a trap for him and showed him he had yet more to gain. In the guise of the angel Chamuel, he visited Armozel in a dream and led him under the great mountain Medula, beyond the holy seals laid down by the fourth redeemer, and showed him endless halls and chambers where cold metal lined the walls while glistering stones shone the way.

Without seeking guidance from the Allfather, once again, Armozel raised the Sons of the Light, the great host of paladins who had fought with him and Phaionios during the great purge of Evil. His desire for the riches kept by the dungeons beneath the mountain and the pride welling up inside him at the sight of thousands of his holy knights standing before him caused him to disregard God’s peace. And the seals were shattered.

For one day and one night, the Sons of the Light rode through the gates of Medula, descending into the mountain, singing praises to the Lord and shouting taunts at the dark forces that surely awaited them within. Armozel, who was riding mid-column, entered the mountain at sunset.

Neither he, nor a single one of his shining paladins, was ever seen again.

~ Echoes of Cimeron 1:22

Current State of Affairs

For almost a century now, since the slaying of the last redeemer, no sanctified emissaries of the Divine have shown themselves on earth. No prophets, no redeemers, and no new saints have been revealed, and only the occasional rumors of faraway manifestations of the Divine have been reported. The seat of the Holy See remains empty, all the great kingdoms of the heartlands have crumbled and lie in waste and ruin. The fabled monasteries founded by Oroael, the sixth redeemer, have been robbed and deserted, and the great paladin strongholds of Armozel, the fifth redeemer, have been lost, only legends remain, rumoring of their whereabouts.

Has the Divine forgotten her children?

No one knows for sure, but what is obvious to all is that Pax Dei, the protection of the Divine, has shrunk more and more, leaving ever larger swaths of land open to the ever-growing darkness creeping in from the Rimlands and the agents of the Dark Lord grow bolder every year. In fact, the only civilized place that still stands is reportedly Axis Mundi itself, or so we hope. No one has been let in there since the murder of Loios, and besides that, a handful of nearby settlements.

Creation is crying out for salvation, crying out for able bodies and minds to stand against the encroaching darkness, to pick up the banner of light and once more drive the forces of evil whence they came. In order to accomplish that, old fields must be broken anew, trees cleared, roads rebuilt, villages erected, and industries created. The lost wisdom of centuries past must be rediscovered, relics and holy sites unearthed, churches built, and the will of the Divine once again transformed into proud bastions of faith both at home and in the furthest reaches of the world.

~ Sages Annals, the final chapter.



Update on the Building FAQ


We received a lot of feedback and new questions after releasing our Building FAQ and videos, so we decided to update it with a bunch of further questions you can find below (if you prefer digging into the extended FAQ, you can too).

You mention „plot“ several times. What is a plot exactly?

Good question! A plot is a portion of land that belongs to a character and that you can „claim“ in the areas open for building. This portion of land is circular and vast enough to build a house of reasonable size and a couple of smaller structures. When you’re placing a plot, you’ll be able to pick the plot location in the Heartlands pretty freely and see a preview of precisely what the area you’re getting is like.

How big are the Heartlands we’re building in?

We’re creating a separate FAQ about the world and will cover this question in detail. The Heartlands are pretty big, and there are many.

There are no doors or signs in the videos?

The current game build doesn’t have doors and signs, but yes, we want to have these as much as you do.

Is there a height cap to how tall buildings I can make?

Yes, but the structural integrity system will block you from making buildings tall enough to hit the cap. We want to enable you to make large multi-story houses, but at the same time, we don’t want the game to feature skyscrapers, so the tallest buildings will be somewhere around what you’d expect to see in the Middle Ages.

Are the building pieces in the video final?

The video we posted doesn’t show all the blocks we have in the game, and we’re still iterating on exactly what blocks we have, so please assume anything you saw in the video is subject to change.

Can I build on water?

Yes, we currently allow the plots to overlap water and probably will want to have this be the case long term. As you saw in the video we posted, lakeside properties are pretty awesome. In the current game build, you can place building foundation pieces underwater, as long as the bottom of the lake is close to the surface, so effectively you can build on the shore with slight overlap with water, but you cannot build let’s say a bridge over a lake.

I can’t build outside of Heartlands, right? But what about PvP?

You can’t build outside of Heartlands in the current game version. We want to have this eventually, but PvP building destruction that works in an MMO is highly challenging to have work in a way that creates a good gameplay experience, so we haven’t made this yet. We’re working toward having a solid core game at launch, and we planned PvP building for a game update. Having said that, we absolutely want to have high-stakes PvP in the game launch version – it’s just the stakes are not related to building. The reason not to have the houses you’re building in Heartlands be part of PvP is that we want the base game to be enjoyable to even those who don’t want to participate in PvP directly. We believe even the hardcore PvPers deserve a resting place in the world to regroup and gather forces in preparation for the next battle.

Does the game have roads? How do those work?

Yes, we have a pre-made road network, and we’ll also cover this in more detail in the World FAQ. The short of it is: roads are intended for traveling the world, and you can’t build on pre-made roads.

How much can I build on a plot?

We haven’t yet determined how large the plots are, so it’s impossible to answer this precisely. The balance we’re looking for could be described as „You can build quite a lot on your plot, but you will also want to work with your clan to use the combined land in your clan’s plots as smartly as possible.“

Are there access controls in the plots?

We have an access control system that’s being integrated into the items, and it will give you reasonably granular control over who can access things in your plot. We don’t have a feature to restrict people from walking on your land, but you _can_ build walls, so theoretically, your clan could wall up the village – as people did in the Middle Ages.

Can I build on other players‘ plots?

Yes – depending on who allows you to do so. We’re expecting most clans will set up their plots so all clan members can build on all clan plots.

What if a griefer builds a plot next to mine or my clan’s plots?

We understand that players may encounter issues with plot placement, and we want to ensure that our players can resolve these conflicts. Our team has extensive experience working on multiple MMOs, and we are well-versed in the challenges that players can face.

Can I modify the ground in the plot?

We don’t support this feature, but you can build the foundations to flatten the land.

Can I get more plots somehow?

In the current game, each player has just one plot, but we will eventually add ways in which you can get additional land.



Alpha Gallery


As promised in our last news update, we gathered some screenshots from the Closed Alpha build for you to enjoy!

Except for the ruins, players have built all the houses you can see on these screenshots, and the only hack we used to take them is a fly mode (we also often hide the UI and the character itself).



Adversaries, Part 2 – Harvest of Sorrows


Gaeune, Grand Inquisitor, the burning edge of God’s wrath, servant of Papess Gloria II, Ad futuram rei memoriam.

In pursuing the will of Papess Gloria II with great ardor as pastoral solicitude requires, the Congregation for Extinguishing Heresy has examined the nature and recent rise of the Sethian heretical depravity within the kingdom of Anatolia and their role in the diabolical events leading to the disgraceful and cowardly murder of our ninth redeemer, Loios.

Through this pious desire, we have strived by our toil to root out any and all errors we have come across among these lost souls and employing the hoe of a wise laborer, zeal, and devotion our faith gives us to wrestle back the scorched hearts that have been lost to this abomination.

Through these examinations and not without great pain to ourselves, the egregious facts about the existence of this order have come to our ears. All across Anatolia, its provinces, cities, territories, regions, and dioceses, many persons of all sexes, heedless of their own salvation and forsaking the Pax Dei, give themselves over to incantations, charms, and conjuring, and other abominable superstitions and sortilèges, offenses, crimes, and misdeeds, ruin and cause to perish the offspring of women, the foal of animals, the products of the earth, the grapes of vines, and the fruits of trees, cattle, and flocks and herds and animals of every kind, vineyards also and orchards, meadows, pastures, harvests, grains and other fruits of the earth; that they afflict and torture with dire pains and anguish.

I do therefore desire, as is my duty, to remove all impediments by which in any way my inquisitors are hindered in the exercise of their office, enabling them by any means necessary to prevent the taint of heretical pravity and of other like evils from spreading their infection to the ruin of others who are innocent, the zeal of religion especially impelling us, in order that the provinces, cities, dioceses, territories, and places aforesaid in the said parts of Anatolia may not be deprived of the office of inquisition which is their due.

To that end, I seek a decree from the hand of the Holy See and by virtue of her apostolic authority, that it shall be permitted to the said inquisitors in these regions, that they exercise their office of inquisition without prejudice and may proceed to the correction, imprisonment, and punishment of the aforesaid persons for their said offenses and crimes.

Gaeune´s report to the Holy See in the spring of 3899 AC, one year after Loios the ninth redeemer perished at the hands of the princes of Anatolia and at the beginning of the great downfall.

Chloë, magister doloris, keen servant of the holy Inquisition and humble spiritual disciple of Armozel , Ad futuram rei memoriam.

As instructed and with the eagerness fitting our purpose, I wish to report our findings after having harvested the depraved minds of the Sethian heretics whose fate was laid in our hands and lives of whom we carefully and aptly ended with the most proper pastoral care.
The original filthy dogma of the Sethian heresy and the idea that educates all they postulate and do, is the belief that God is purely spiritual and that His kingdom belongs strictly to the spiritual realm, while the temporal world and everything within it was supposedly created by the Devil, whom they call Rex Mundi, in order to lure souls from heaven.

Therefore they view everything that has to do with this world as impure, having no worth whatsoever, including their earthly lives and bodies. Sethians believe they are repeatedly reincarnated on Earth until they attain what in their perverted mind equals spiritual perfection, allowing them to die for the last time and escape this Creation, which they view as a cacophony of Evil.

Furthermore, they believe that in the Kingdom of Heaven, all souls are the same, no males, no females, indeed no bodies or visual form at all. The division of humans into sexes is a creation of the Devil and carnal love is the ultimate trap laid to corrupt the spirit and keep it perpetually in his grip. In their eyes, removing any signs of the sexual division and indeed disrespecting their own body in the most deprived and loathsome way is viewed among Sethians as an effort to get closer to God.

Henceforth, in summarizing their corrupt and perverted beliefs, the following can be stated:

i. Everything of this world is unclean and a creation of the Devil.

ii. Nothing is worth enjoying.

iii. Nothing is worth saving.

iv. This earthly existence means nothing and has no value.

v. The less one conforms to life on earth, the closer one is to God.

vi. Sacrificing one’s life brings a Sethian soul one step closer to being allowed back into Heaven.

vii. Self-mutilation and the enduring of pain is an expression of the hatred for Rex Mundi and his creation and thereby a form of divine worship.

This disregard for God’s creation, resulting in rampaging bands of aforesaid heretics crisscrossing the lands, laying murderous waste to everything in their path, must be stopped by any means possible.

It is therefore of utmost importance that the Order in conducting God´s work, not be molested by worldly powers or hindered in any manner whatsoever by any authority whatsoever in the manner of the aforesaid and through our Papal decree, that we may threaten all opposers, whomever they may be, with ex-communication, suspension, interdict and still other more terrible sentences, censures, and penalties.

Inquisitor Chloë´s letter to Grand Inquisitor Gaeune, the day before the Mass of Great Summons 3901 AC, urging him to light the fires under the Sethian heretics for real.